> The Mangohead Chronicles: March 2013

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mangohead and the Zaboca Thief S01E10


Now, The penultimate chapter in Mangohead's first adventure!

"Allyuh waking?" Mangohead called inside as Two and Four walked out, Four still rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.
"Yeah, we here," Two replied. "Yuh ketch him?"
"Nah, he run in de bush," Mangohead responded. "Lewwe go get him."
"We?" Two asked suspisciously. "You French or what?"
"Look," Mangohead said roughly as he rounded on his friend, "if we doh do something to ketch this thief, he going to terrorize we until it ent have no more zaboca in the tree."
"Ammm," Four said slowly, "I doh think it have any more zaboca in the tree anyway?"
Mangohead sighed. "Look, do this for me nah, help me ketch this thief so we could find out who it is and what they doing with the zaboca."
"Well that obvious," Two said as he scracthed his head. "They eating the zaboca."
"So that mean allyuh go help me?" Mangohead pleaded.
Two rolled his eyes. "Alright ehh Mangohead, but yuh owe me one for this and I go come to collect one ah these days so you better be ready for it. What you want we to do?"
"Arrite," Mangohead said as he outlined his plan tot he youths. Quickly they set off into the night as he cautiously prepared to re-enter the dark forest.
The leaves of the forest gave off a thick, strong scent that seemed to rise when the sun went down. As Mangohead made his way slowly through the undergrowth, he could hear the crickets and cicadas calling out into the night. The light from the moon was bright but at the edge of the treeline he could see nothing but darkness. Steeling his resolve, he ploughed deeper into the shadow that outlined the forest.