> The Mangohead Chronicles: 11/06/12

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mangohead and the Zaboca Thief S01E02

In case you're just getting caught up, constant reader, Episode 1 is available here. Now on to episode 2!

Walking past the sprawling garden, Mangohead entered the porch via the small swinging waist-high gate. The hinges complained vociferously as he edged his way into the verandah. A small waist-high wooden balustrade ran along the porch which was raised a single step height above the bare ground. The porch itself was made of varnished wood which creaked under Mangohead's wary steps.
He rested his hand on the door handle, turning it deftly as he pushed the huge wooden door inwards. In San Marco, it was unheard of to have one's door locked. It was a very friendly village where people would greet one another with smiles and usually everyone knew everyone else's business. The older heads of the village still acted like that although the younger generations knew that the encroachment of wealth brought with it the encroachment of crime. Although there had been no issues of housebreaking in San Marcos for some time, younger people were ever wary of the danger. Ma Procop had once told Mangohead that if people locked their doors it was because they had something to hide, not something to protect. She lived by those words, Mangohead mused as he let the door close behind him with a dull thud.