> The Mangohead Chronicles: 11/14/12

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mangohead and the Zaboca Thief S01E03

"Look fellers," Mangohead said to the two as they blocked his path and his escape. "What on allyuh minds?"
"We just want to find out if yuh playing cricket this season," the boy in front answered as the one blocking him from behind came up and threw an arm around him. "We looking to make a side before the rainy season start so we could practice nah."
The two boys were schoolmates of his. The younger one, nicknamed Two, was in his class whereas the older one, nicknamed Four (since he was older than Two by two years) was a couple classes ahead of them. Both boys had the same dark complexion. Four was a head taller than Two and had a huge, shaggy mop of hair that looked like the tangled mane of a lion. Four had a neatly shaved head, and was always properly groomed and well clothed. Two made a habit of being untidy whereas Four was the complete opposite.
"I not sure if I playing this season," Mangohead said to the boys. "I get tasked with a important job."
"Serious?" Two enquired eagerly. "How much they paying yuh?"
"I ain't getting pay for it," Mangohead said and the interest in Two's eyes faded.
"What yuh doing it for then, if not for money?" Fours asked. "Most times I have a job to do I does ask for money." He pronounced it 'arks'.
"It have a girl involved nah?" Two interrogated. "Somebody girl-child you sweet on?"